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"Caitlin came to help me declutter and organise my wardrobe today and now I want to remove my wardrobe doors permanently so I can admire how pretty it is!


I had a lovely experience working with Caitlin. Right from my first initial consultation, she made me feel calm and completely unembarrassed at the state I let my wardrobe become. I never felt judged by Caitlin and always felt that my needs and opinions were respected. The Project Proposal provided after my initial consultation was extremely helpful, reassuring and made it completely transparent as to what was going to happen. 


My wardrobe was upsetting for me to look at before. When I opened it, it was a mess - I didn’t fit in to many items and probably never would again. I had my office clothes mixed with my gym kit mixed with my party dresses and it was difficult to navigate. 


However, now when I open my wardrobe, it feels like I’m walking into a little boutique where I love everything and it is all my size! We made categories together, now everything flows. I feel much more confident and calmer in myself." 

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