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What exactly is a Professional Organiser?

A Professional Organiser is someone who has a passion for helping people to restore order and calm back into peoples lives through decluttering and organising.

Shouldn’t I be able to do it by myself?

Quite often decluttering and organising is put off time and time again, and quickly becomes overwhelming; which turns into a vicious cycle! Decluttering and organising is physically, mentally and emotionally tiring, so most people benefit from spending time with a Professional Organiser. Factoring the project time in your diary means there’s less room for procrastination and gets the job done quicker!

How does it work?

Once you’ve made your initial inquiry, we’ll arrange a free 30 minute consultation either over the phone on on a video chat to discuss the project, challenges, ideas and more! If you are happy to proceed we will arrange an organising session.

Will you make me throw things away?

There is no pressure to let things go, and the final decision is always up to you. I will not make you discard any items that you want to keep. I act as a mentor for you to define what is of value and importance.

Can I leave you to declutter and organise whilst I go out?

Our sessions are highly collaborative, and I cannot make decisions about your personal belongings on your behalf, so they require us to work together.

How long will it take to get organised?

This depends on the size of the area, amount of items, the pace you work at, and the level of support you need. Some may need a three hour initial session to get prepared and motivated to finish the rest of the project by themselves. Others may need a helping hand throughout the project until it's finished.

My home is embarrassing. Won’t you be shocked by the mess?

Please do not worry about the appearance of your area where we will be working together! I’m there to support you in a non-judgmental, sympathetic and confidential manner.

Do you work with hoarders?

At this time I do not work with hoarders as they are beyond my skillset, and I could not provide the support that they need. For information and help please visit

Do I need to prepare beforehand?

Please do not tidy beforehand! It’s important in your consult that I see the spaces as you do in its current condition before we begin.

However, please reduce potential distractions, such as your spouse, children, pets, phone calls etc, as these distractions can potentially knock you out of your tidying zone! Finish your laundry, as it’s important that nothing is missed (especially if we are focusing on clothing). Finally set aside your unmentionables. If there are items in your home that are particularly delicate or private that you do not feel comfortable handling in front of me, feel free to set them aside. Additionally if you have areas that are ‘off-limits’ please let me know.

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