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Cope with Clutter is a Professional Organising service in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

I set up Cope with Clutter because I believe that decluttering and organising can make a huge difference in peoples lives. Through clearing the physical clutter and releasing items that do not bring value to your life, you magnify and make room for the more important items, values, and opportunities. Ultimately, it has the impact to change your life!


You’ve most probably experienced the sense of accomplishment and calmness after you’ve decluttered and organised; you see the neat and orderly countertops, the immaculate wardrobe, and the numerous bags for donation… Isn’t that feeling of achievement liberating? You’ve almost certainly then, experienced the frustration and discouragement that follows, as quite soon afterwards the countertops are cluttered, the wardrobe can hardly close because its bursting at the seams, and you feel that you are right back at square one…


Don’t worry - you are not alone! Disorder and overwhelm is more common than you think, it’s just not talked about.


Whatever your situation or circumstance is, I can be a helping hand to you to declutter, organise, and most importantly to create practical systems to keep the clutter at bay. I understand that it is difficult to let someone into your space. Please don’t be worried! I will never judge you or your situation. I’ll listen to you to know your goals and work with you to achieve them. I’ll work at a pace that is manageable and right for you. Our homes do not need to be ‘perfect’ - but creating an environment inside to restore and unwind is key to help lead a simpler, healthier, more satisfied life. 


I help people in all kinds of circumstances to declutter and organise, such as those who:

 -  Are trying to create the best use of their space

 -  Don’t have enough time to declutter, through full-time work or being part of a busy family

 -  Are preparing to move home or downsize

 -  Are experiencing a change within the family (such as preparing for a baby, beginning to work from home)

 -  Feel overwhelmed and need a little helping hand and support!

Allow me to help you to Cope with Clutter!


I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organising Professionals (NAPO). I adhere to their Code of Ethics, which is dedicated towering at the highest standards within the profession. For more information about NAPO, please visit

When someone mentions a Professional Organiser, we automatically think about neat and tidy wardrobes... but that's not all that we deal with!

See if you relate to any of the statements below...

Are you:

  • renovating a room?

  • struggling to find time to declutter your home generally, through full-time work or being part of a busy family?

  • preparing to move home?

  • preparing to downsize?

  • going through a deceased loved ones belongings?

Whatever your situation is, I can help you through the process, making life easier for you!

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