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Home decluttering and organisation

It’s all too easy to have more ‘stuff’ than we need. We quickly lose track of what’s truly important.

That's where I can help.


I’ll help you streamline your physical belongings and create a practical organisational system that works for you and your lifestyle.


I’ll guide you to find what is truly important, and ways to highlight them in your home and life. 

I whole-heartedly believe that through decluttering and organising your space you develop life-changing skills that hold the power to transform every area of your life.

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Download your FREE copy of makeup categories for when you declutter your makeup!

Watch my latest video here!

Meet Caitlin Cope

Hi there! I’m Caitlin Cope, and I’ve decided to follow my passion and become a Professional Organiser to help people like you create, not only space, but a complete sense of calm and clarity in your life.


I have always been motivated to help people to improve their lives and support ones who are going through a difficult time and need a helping hand.


Now through decluttering and organising, I am combining practical and emotional support to help people take action to transform their space and their life!


Whatever your organisation goals are, allow me to help you to Cope with Clutter!


My Services

I'll help you to declutter, organise, and transform any room or space in your home. No space is too big or too small!


From kitchen cupboards to linen closets, and anything in-between! 

Whatever it is, I can give you a helping hand to reach your organisation goals


Reduce and organise your paperwork, whether its general household or for your home business, and create a organising system that works for you


Preparing for a baby? Creating a home office? Designing a hobby or craft room? Redecorating and redesigning a room? 

Lets make the most of your space


Streamline, store, and display your clothes practically and attractively to make the most out of your clothes and closet

Moving House

Declutter and organise whilst packing or unpacking, and define areas of your new home with purpose and function

Something Else?

I'm sure that I can help!

My service is personalised towards achieving your organisation goals, so let me know how you think I can help you

FB  - Covid 19 Precautions.png

​Due to current regulations and to safeguard myself and clients, I have set out some precautions.

Before our session we will make a plan of action so that any necessary arrangements can be made in order to work safely and maintain social distancing. 

I will wear a face covering, and wash and sanitize my hands regularly during our session.

You must inform me if you have been unwell or have potentially come into contact with someone who has/has been suspected of having Covid 19. In the event of this we will re-schedule to another day at no charge .

These times are unpredictable, and my main priority is doing my part in keeping everyone safe and well! 

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